The revolution in information management and utilization already promises to profoundly transform plant and machinery design, application and operational practice and indeed other areas of the engineering endeavor. It can rightly be claimed that machines of any type have filled a need in the life of men one way or the other. Every process which underlies our modern civilization involves the utilization of some form of machinery. Machinery have played an essential role in our life ever since the dawn of civilization.

Worldwide development in machine theory design and applications have continued to emerge, and these have begun to effect the outlook of engineers and users. Machines have continued to grow in size, speed and energy level, revealing new problems that are being addressed by innovative materials, mechanical and hydraulic design approaches etc. Environmental pressures have increased, and these can and are being responded to by the creative attention of engineers. After all, the engineer is trained to solve problems, employing techniques that reflect knowledge of physical phenomena in the world around us.
As plant and machinery engineering consultants, our main objectives are:-